Saturday, May 12, 2007

where scooch meets hooch

white russians
singapore slings



sex on the beach

kir royales
black hawks

the list goes on... and it can only mean one thing.

hei helsinki, this is belfast calling!

it's Eurovision 2007 and tonight we will be getting campastically drunk, as always under the essential guidance of Sir Terry of Wogan.

"the father" is hosting and in the shape of beth we have an american eurovision virgin in our midst. nothing adds to the proceedings like a sweet lamb to the CULTural slaughter.

all irony to be left at home. scorecards are printed and good to go.

off to buy a smorgasbord of european delicacies...

oh, one final thing... separated at birth?

(that's dmitry kuldon for belarus on the right)


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  1. Jahoo!
    Holyvood, here ve cum!
    heh, heh, heh...