Monday, January 08, 2007

viewed from a spire

the business district, toronto from cn tower, 31.12.06


for a bit of open source stargazing check out stellarium. thanks to Paul for the headzup on this one.



haven't listened to this one in ages and enjoyed a weekend revisit. no idea if i've ever mentioned it before but this is a top 10 album for me: stina nordenstam's 2nd album and she closed her eyes (1994). nothing else she has done has matched this for me but this shivers my spine every time. best played with the lights out in the colder half of the year... one of those albums that asks me for my undivided attention. you'll either love or hate her vocals. fragile, jazzy, tender, sexy as hell.


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  1. love the photos LB, haven't come across Stina Nordenstam, will check her out, and blankets too :)