Thursday, January 04, 2007

poems, prayers and promises

there are more pics to come but we're experiencing some technical glitches as i get my laptop life back in some kind of order. but needless to say, here's the first photo i took on my new digital camera while i was in ontario.


...i'm currently in mental and emotional rest mode and keeping stress levels as low as possible while i get over jet lag and settle back in... so today had a manageable little to-do list, which included getting my 'baby' back... she's more than a little empty but i've spent this evening starting to rebuild her...


my dinky hard drive, keith pratt (a little joke between me and the bro), is up and running and playing nice with iTunes. there's much to listen to, some familiar, some not so, some completely new to me. which brings me to a new feature for 2007...


::keith pratt's recommended listening:: (in other words, what LB is unapologetically listening to today)

we start with a fairly oldie but quite goodie -

take me home: a tribute to john denver by various artists. this was organised by mark koselek and is worth it for the sublime version of ::follow me:: by the innocence mission. deevine.
alternatively and perhaps betterly, just go back to the source. the rocky mountain collection is a good 2 CD best of john denver collection.

we listened to the latter several times at extended family gatherings. 'brother' sean told me this was his favourite music growing up and i was reminded of the lovely 'feeling' i get when i hear john d., which is something like cosy and airy at the same time.


someone told me a whiles back that when they travel they are the same as when they are at home. one of the universals hidden in that is that you can leave for escape or adventure, imagine oneself as someone else but i guess you are always 'you' wherever you are. i thought of that comment a lot while i was away. despite delays in luggage thanks to heathrow fog, my baggage arrived intact with me. and in some ways felt starker and more real when i was out of familiar territory. feelings of anxiety hung in balance with the overwhelming love.


words of wisdom to start off the new year:

take. one. day. at. a. time. (my father and step mother)
do what will make you happy. (my sister in law)
enjoy having space to create. let what you feel course through you and out of you in that space. keep turning up even when you think inspiration runs dry. just keep doing it. 'cause it's good for you. (my brother)
love. love. love. (my niece in waiting - who the doctor thinks is gonna keep us waiting for her arrival)


sing the whole day through...


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