Thursday, January 11, 2007

nothing but a memory

after a seven month absence i returned yesterday and today to collect the last of my belongings and said a final goodbye to my old home. in a couple of weeks others will be moving in.

i stood on at the top of the garden and looked out over the fields one last time as a gale blew hard and in vain i tried to feel something other than emptiness... it was never the bricks and mortar, or that view, that made it home, it was what it contained that cannot be packed up in a box and moved, or perhaps what i thought it held...that was lost long ago...

i guess there's not much to say... somehow you learn how to bear goodbyes... and for once it was me that did the leaving... of the losses i carry in my pocket, this is not the heaviest...



  1. ...just another X

  2. sending a hug your way, RD,x

  3. Anonymous5:56 am

    Hey Cary... I am a long way away at the moment but thinking about you. x

    I am looking forward to catching up when I get back. Miss you.

    Pete R