Saturday, December 02, 2006


have had a busy few days, so the best i can manage right now is this tiny snippet from my head... i've two art projects in design stage so all my thoughts are spilling into my sketch book right now. details later.


Postscript from a railway carriage…

Listening to the wonderful tones of Ted Hughes reading from Crow, (Chris, you are gonna love this), as we rattle and roll towards the dirty auld town... grimace rhymes with face…

Any alteration from Hughes’ grammar is my own… I loved hearing this so much I had to transcribe it… darkly comic.

Apple Tragedy

So, on the seventh day the serpent rested.
God came up to him,
“I’ve invented a new game”, he said.
The serpent stared in surprise at this interloper
But God said, “You see this apple?
I squeeze it and look! Cider.”
The serpent had a good drink and curled up into a question mark.

Adam drank and said, “Be my God.”
Eve drank and opened her legs and called to the cockeyed serpent and gave him a wild time.
God ran and told Adam, who in drunken rage tried to hang himself in the orchard.
The serpent tried to explain, crying
“Stop!” but drink was splitting his syllable,
And Eve started screeching, “Rape, rape!” and stamping on his head.

Now whenever the snake appears she screeches,
“Here it comes again, help, oh help!”
Then Adam smashes a chair on its head,
And God says, “I am well pleased”.
And everything goes to hell.


On Sunday I picked up a copy of the word magazine pretty much solely on the basis of anton corbijn’s beautiful cover photo of tom waits.

The interview inside is no less beautiful. I’ve read and reread it. Truly inspiring in some deep gut level kinda way... more to come on that i'm sure...

but right now i'm off with keli to a print works open day and to get my hair cut,



  1. hey cary, was good to see you last week

    i particularly loved the fact that waits took Mike Brown a 'tin' can as a gift.....

  2. yeah - a beautiful moment...

    be well.