Sunday, December 24, 2006

if the fates allow...

word up.

random, perhaps unconnected, sentences...

still no bags.

i say a guy in a mall today in a head to toe faux cowboy denim get up, with a stetson and a sheepskin coat. he was in his seventies. he was wearing a brooch in the shape of a turtle made of gold and diamonds.

for first time i'm suffering jet lag on the west side of the atlantic. shattered by half nine in the evening and awake before seven each morning.

yesterday toronto was covered in rain clouds. looking up from the rain soaked streets the skyscrapers were cloaked in think low cloud. they just disappeared... i didn't have a i just craned my neck and looked up at the buildings disappearing into the nothingness...

miriam fell on the stairs the other night and her ribs took the brunt of the impact. she spent much of yesterday in the hospital getting checked out. not wanting to risk taking pain killers, she's in a lot of pain and discomfort but my soon-to-be-born niece is unscathed. i feel kinda helpless.

yesterday i visited one of my favourite bookstores of all time - Pages on Queen st. i bought a book called beautiful losers that has me excited to get back to my studio in Belfast.

i know the name planned for my soon-to-be-born niece.

today i bought a digital SLR.

(at least the last ultrasound suggested it was a girl. but only on arrival can anyone be sure.)

this morning i lay in bed thinking about the idea that out there somewhere might be the person who could be your significant other. and you might not even know them. and what if you never met them? if you changed your plan or your route or failed to look up at the right moment and foiled fate's plan? and i thought about it. and thought that was a frightening idea. but maybe there's no such thing as fate. that was equally frightening. que sera.

my brother makes really good white russians.

i also got a new top to wear for Christmas eve - our major day of family celebrations as many of the stynes clan head out of town on the 25th. and a pair of rocket dogs that i am thinking of naming i like 'em so much. and a jacket. and shades. a pair of jeans. and underwear. and so on...

snow is forecast for the 26th. bring it on!

he'll also make a great father. he already is. he takes such good care of them.

presents are all wrapped.

i'm wiped. gonna hit the hay. am planning to watch it's a wonderful life in the morning before heading out for roll call in the styne's kitchen around a big plate of fresh cinnamon rolls...

well, except for the ones that aren't lost in an airport somewhere...

Christmas greetings one and all. may you have peace. real peace.



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  1. Have a peaceful, beautiful Christmas and enjoy, RD,x