Thursday, December 21, 2006

canadian christmas, the first

greetings from richmond hill, ontario.

well the snow may have melted and the sun may be shining on the squirrels as they play in the trees and eat the berries outside the porch but it sure feels like christmas. two thrushes and a squirrel came right up to the window amidst the berries and i toasted them with my mug of coffee and said hello. it was one of those little moments where i felt the universe get small and intimate and clack-clacking as buechner would call it...

as i type my wee bro is playing a lovely snuffy walden esque melody on the guitar...

now, seeing it in the flesh, it is of no surprise that this tree lined street was used as a film set and that historic tours come this way to see the houses... i've yet to find the words to describe it. the homes aren't big or grand but they have a kind of comforting character and charm.

we arrived safely, my dad and i, but our bags haven't.
but no matter, it's all good.

great to see ewan, and dear miriam who is heavily pregnant and incredibly beautiful with it, and for the first time to be in their home, which is so lovely.

for those of a praying disposition, please keep Andrea, her brother Chris and her husband Alan in your thoughts. her father has passed away. the circumstances are difficult. i know she will feel strengthened by knowing there are folks keeping her in mind and heart. and even if that's all prayer is, well, i'm coming round to thinking it's not wasted. Andrea emailed me to tell me the news and in the midst of shock and grief she still remembered i'd be flying and wanted me to know she was thinking of me and that i had an unstressful journey. that's the kind of girl she is. Andrea, you are loved.

well, i'm here without laptop so i'll be sporadically posting. time to go get cleaned up and then we're gonna dander round the neighbourhood.

it's all so beautiful. i left home feeling totally overwhelmed. here, i'm adjusting to feeling calm.



  1. Cary...aahhhh...peace at last! So happy that you are getting a wee bit of rest - you deserve it! Your description of where they live sounds a wee bit like the set of'It's a Wonderful Life!'- can't be bad!

    This is my last day at work until 2nd Jan - yeah! Hasn't been too bad really with having lovely angels sitting on my knee during three nativity days last week! Had a fab retreat with dear Pad and enjoyed giving a hand there. Missed you Tues evening but you where definitely in our thoughts!

    Well...Cary...have yourself a Merry Little Christmas (with a pinch of solitude thrown in for good measure!) xxxmoxxxx

    PS Give Ewan a big hug from me!

  2. Glad you're there safe and sound. Please pass hugs round from me!

    Enjoy, chill, giggle, sleep, rest, and come back to us soon.