Friday, December 15, 2006

memories erased

this morning i was woken by a phone call from the apple doctor.
my laptop hard drive is dead.
everything i have written since it arrived almost a year ago to the day is lost. all pictures. all music. a significant proportion of my emails i have received and saved so that i could remind myself that friendships were not a figment of my imagination but the real deal. all my IM conversations i saved for revisiting cause of the good advice contained therein.
fuck. everything i have written outside of these pages.

and no aiden to tell me i should've backed up. not so funny when it's actually happening.

i wish i could say that was the worst thing about today. it wasn't, but it was more appropriately fitting to my week than i could have designed. it's just loss, loss and more loss...



  1. that truly sucks, friendships are real, and the advice you will know in your heart, but it still sucks, here's to a better week starting tomorrow

  2. Cary..I know that words mean a lot to you and these few comments can't really make up for all those you've lost - but I've always loved your challenges makes me wonder about themes and thoughts that I would never think of! So...onward and upward lovey and please enjoy your Christmastime with the family! Will be thinking about you a lot. Blessings to you and take care of your wee self until I see you in the New Year xxx

    Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.
    William Wordsworth

  3. cheryl11:49 am

    oh god. i bet you're still having those devastating moments where you remember something else that you only had on the computer.

    i can't begin to imagine.