Wednesday, October 21, 2009

more than DNA

re: the previous post, this is a (paraphrased) extract from a conversation i had with my brother last night...

cary: so, Chocky arrived. thanks! i love it! i was just blogging about it today.

ewan: oh, i look forward to seeing that. i'll check it out. i was waiting for [the dvd] to arrive. i didn't want to give away what your present was but i've been wanting to say, it turns out Chocky was written by the guy who wrote The Midwich Cuckoos! AND you might not know this, but i remember Pádraig told me he really loved Chocky so i was thinking it'd be cool if you two could watch it together sometime.
i woke this morning to see the comment below the previous post. 


seriously. :)


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