Monday, October 26, 2009

in the shelter of each other, the community celebrates

it was a weekend of nuptial celebrations... while Jude and Steve tied the knot in Nashville (congratulations folks!), Mark and Sara held a marriage blessing ceremony in NI for those of us who weren't able to make it Nashville for their own wedding last month. the ceremony was absolutely beautiful, as was the bride. Hillsborough parish church is one of the most lovely churches in one of the prettiest settings i've ever seen. Mark, Sara and Ian (who officiated) had crafted a gorgeous liturgy, Padraig delivered a sermon of pure poetry and i had a lump in my throat as i read, with a feeling of deep honour and privilege, John O'Donohue's blessing for marriage from Benedictus.

it was a real community effort - Jayne, aided by Willow, Emma and i transformed the church hall with candles and flowers and fabrics from our community 'party box'. if i say so myself, it looked lovely... surrounded by table cloths created with dozens of colourful fabrics gathered by friends over the years from all over the world was like being in a collective home. i hear the dance floor was packed in Nashville and in Hillsborough we too stomped with abandon. Ben gave us a fantastic set that seemed to have been taken straight out of Mark's undergrad days and once i got on the dance floor i couldn't stop and we enjoyed delicious cakes made by the wonderful queen of cakes, Harriet.
it was a day suffused with the collective personality and hands of creative community sharing in our interweaving story and all working joyously together to create something beautiful.

i got to catch up with many folks i was so looking forward to seeing, and there were many more i didn't get to speak to at all (Shirley - i'm looking at you and regretting we didn't get round to exchanging more than a wave across the room. you looked gorgeous. :) ) it was so good to be able to share good news and exchange stories of the last few months with those who will always be my family-of-choice.

so, all in all, a truly fabulous day.

here's a few photos... being on "team hospitality" and knowing the cake-maker has distinct advantages. tip: want to ensure you get some? head to the kitchen and offer to help serve it. 


so, back in Dublin after lovely time spent with Jayne and Willow on Sunday, which was warm and nourishing like the cozy slipper socks and gorgeous stripey woolen sleeves Jayne gave me for my birthday, this is Reading Week. i've a week without classes and without proscribed* prescribed reading in which we are meant to be... well, reading, funnily enough. given the number of hours i've been reading for the past couple of months, having a thing called Reading Week seems slightly bizarre. some are calling it a week off. i'm calling it cleaning week. Halloween will be spent in the company of the incomparable Joel Dark, who is making a visit to Dublin. i figure that's worthy of finally getting round to giving this place an out-of-season spring clean.

(* doesn't matter if you spell it right if it ain't the word you want!)

i'm hoping the grocers have finally got some pumpkins so i can do some spooky carving.
there's some genuinely useful tips at this website

and hoping too wherever you are and whatever the season is bringing, you find nurture and care and love in your midst...

oh, and finally, happy birthday to beautiful Anniebananie.



  1. Anonymous10:40 am

    sweet Lord I feel shit - I didn't remember either, feel such a crap friend

    so good to see you all there enjoying the joy of the happy two

    am gonna try and get over next year for mr Rollin's re-emergence weekend!!!

    love to you all

    P x

  2. i'm hoping i'll get to it too.

    love right back at ya,

  3. love you miss you and so many thanks for the birthday love.