Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Master's tools will never dismantle the Master's house...

i've been busy the past week getting my first paper written. i'm finally coming up for air.

the days and weeks have a definite rhythm at the moment built around commitment to nourishing personal relationship and the work of reading reams of material for school. it's proving a good balance and i've had the longest totally anxiety free number of weeks i think i've quite possibly ever had in my entire life. i have never been more consistently calm, content and happy. ever. and that's something for which i am very grateful and feeling a little protective of at the moment. but i'll write more in due course.

episode 4 of the lake effect is devoted to the gorgeous work of Final Fantasy - original works, collaborations, remixes. makes for a deliciously good combination of tracks. Arcade Fire never sounded better to my ears than here. i think this finally put them in the context i was always looking for without knowing it. 

colour me _loving_ this ep and listening again as i read about the second wave feminist, 'sex wars'. class today is going to be very interesting. it's one thing to discuss suffrage movements. it's another thing entirely to discuss the political philosophy of pornography, sado-masochism and sex work. like i said, it's gonna be interesting.


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