Wednesday, October 07, 2009

are you freaking kidding me? part 2

since the Conservative Bible project proved so popular, i'm guessing this additional offering from the dish* yesterday will likely have several of you laughing hysterically. and not in a good way.

this makes the conservative Bible seem like a sane idea... well, almost...
it's arse art! it's interactive! it's available for sale on canvas! and i think it'd make a fine addition to any American child's bedroom wall. they are, after all, the Rising Generation and good education starts with knowing Jesus wrote the US Constitution.

One Nation Under God  

don't say i didn't warn you...


* they call it "hathos" - a compulsive attraction to something you can't stand. e.g. this. (<--- so bad, i suggest taking medication)


  1. i was all over this yesterday. the explanation of the symbolism is brilliant.

  2. i think it's wonderful you now know what to get for Christmas this year. and i'm sure the playroom will look _amazing_ with the 60x44 inch canvas version on display. you're a good Mama, chicken.


    on second thoughts...

    [shudders] can you imagine waking up to *that* each day? no, actually, don't. there are some things one shouldn't imagine. ever.

    seriously. don't. think of the children.

  3. it's true it's true! i am sad that there are no homoseckshuls in the painting, unless it's the liberal media lady or hollywood man. (or as my friend chris said, "lincoln!")

    thought you might enjoy this as well.

  4. oh! and roll over the all new descriptions here

  5. Danger Will Robinson, danger!

    scary shit...

  6. the new descriptions are awesome. awesome! :)