Wednesday, July 22, 2009

waxes and wanes

i don't know where to begin on catching up.
the folks whose unsecured wifi i was piggybacking on went on holiday and closed their windows and simultaneously my parentals' wifi went kaput, and my email was decidedly crotchety as a result. but lack of anything like consistent online access has not all been bad.
despite the vagueries of the weather, my deck is close to full bloom and responding well to my near obsessional deadheading. i've been doing some advance reading for uni, mostly brushing up on irish women's history. i've felt quite cut off from the world, which means i escaped the 12th, and most of the michael jackson memorial excesses, but all the same it didn't stop me getting seriously upset at the conservative Anglicans in the US and UK. i've had visitors to stay. saw the new harry potter movie. learned to make cinnamon rolls. ate too many cinnamon rolls. had a religious experience in a clothing store and didn't walk away empty handed. over several evenings i've watched the entire span of the x-files myth arc episodes*, which was a comfort blanket to some darker stuff that was threatening to pull me down and under. actually, now i think of it, i've been in a very sci-fi zone. i enjoyed rewatching gilliam's 12 Monkeys and re-reading Brave New World. i didn't enjoy the latest SoF (a first for me) and am currently watching the Alien Quadrology along with umpteen hours of extra footage.
i've been reading a lot the past few weeks. for pleasure, as well as education, i'm currently enjoying Armstrong's latest, The Case for God: What Religion Really Means.
but best of all, weaved through it all, has been deep and life-enriching conversation by mail.
so all in all, it's not been a bad couple of weeks. scatty and inconsistent and at times frustrating, but more than livable.

so, now that i have lovely wifi and broadband all of my own, my email is working perfectly again, and today i'm mainlining radio4. i'm enjoying jeanette winterson's series of reflections on all things lunar, The Inconstant Moon. and my brother has sent me to the annotated watchmen (which i don't imagine will be beaten for my favourite book i've read this year) and i think i'm gonna be diving back into that world far quicker than i intended or imagined.

speaking of the moon, there's many a version, but this one my favourite. as with so many things, the slower, the better.

right, i have a load of things i promised others i'd do as soon as got back online and i am already falling behind after less than a day. sheesh. greenbelt is suddenly coming too quick and i need to get my loose threads for ikon seriously tidied up so i can start looking forward to it again. the ikon site and mail addresses are down and i'm not sure it could have happened at a more inconvenient time. still, doesn't stop me from getting my own ass in gear.

all good things to all of ye.


*bar season 3. if anyone knows who the heck borrowed my s3 boxset, let me know. along with my s1 of Six Feet Under.


  1. oh...ella fitzgerald... my favourite!!!

    hey...hope you are doing okay my sis! so looking forward to g'belt..espec ikon ... pad and i will be catching the plane with lynnie at 7am...CAN YOU IMAGINE!!!

    :-) mo mo xxx

  2. since i'm arriving on the thursday, come friday morning 7am i'll be thinking of you as me and jayne wake up in our oh so cosy tent, and then think, ah, too early, think i'll have another few minutes kip. hehe. :)

    much love my dear. i am in the middle of some ikon work right now.