Thursday, July 09, 2009

touch wood... lick frosting

looks like the email technical issues are sorted.

online access remains limited but at least i can use Mail when i am online and MobileMe is now happy because it can once again talk to Mail. i was terrified i was going to have to send the laptop away for a software fix but i've just tracked down a tip on a forum and thank the Lord it appears to have worked. all i know of the cause is that something appears to have gotten corrupted.

to save the Father, i'll say it:
with me around? surely not.

but it's fixed so i really don't care what caused it. as long as it keeps working from here on in.

right. 36 hours ago i was determined to learn how to make cinnamon rolls having read Peace Like A River by Leif Enger (in which they are baked several times). all the palava with trying to fix mail Mail means i didn't get around to it, and i'll admit to being a little uncertain about the recipe i had found. but with Mail and thus calm now restored i've done another search and come across an Alton Brown overnight recipe that's looking a lot more reliable.

thank the Lord for geeks who spend their days answering strangers queries on forums for little or no thanks.

if i'm needed, i'll be in the kitchen.


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