Thursday, July 30, 2009

here lies buried treasure

i think this'll be my favourite piece of writing from this week. i just don't see how it can be beaten*:

michael chabon, on childhood as a branch of cartography. relish that description and ignore the misleading title when you get there... girls get to be adventurers too. beautifully written and quietly provocative stuff this.

big t'anks go to Joel for sliding this one-of-many-gems across the virtual table.


look right and make sure you check out david's link at ::peer pressure is forever::
for a _great_ cornel west interview. (*serious contender)

right, pj's are on, hot choc malt is made, time for a book and my duvet.

keep thinking...


ironically longer than main post post-script...

:: i like to stand firmly in the question::

- (the ever-welcoming) jules, over on queermergent. one of my favourite quotes of the week. and maybe ever.

meant to say earlier in week and didn't get around: if ACNA, FOCA and Anglican Mainstream aren't your theological cup of tea then there's some interesting thoughts continuing lately over at Queermergent, (see side bar on right) which encouragingly is building its archive of LGBTQA stories and essays from a range of theological and denominational perspectives (but all beyond homophobia and misogyny).
from the iconoclasts to the more orthodox, i'm liking the diversity, as whatever this thing that gets called the emerging movement might be or not be, to say all are singing from exactly the same hymn sheet would be misrepresentative. the latest 2 posts are exploring aspects of covenant theology and sexuality - from voices within Anglican (UK) and Presbyterian (US) contexts. i'm enjoying seeing the often (very) different paths folks trace that bring them all into the same inclusiver space on the map.

in a not wildly dissimilar vein, i see glaad has a piece on radio and "Godcasts" that are exploring faith from LGBT perspectives.

right, this time i really am for bed.

keep thinking... and stand firmly in the question.

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