Saturday, May 10, 2008

there is no i, only we

'Why is it that when we're thirsting, we'll choose to refuse that which is here to help quench our thirst?
And if asked why we'll not drink, we'll reply, "Because I'm too thirsty".'

- a wise contemplative friend, today, as we reflected on the soul in depression.

today ends as it began. as it closes in quiet, i feel sadness creeping up from my ribs to my eyes...

today was a better day. a good day. there was laughter in today.
there were flowers. and friendship. and long overdue food.
messages from far flung places
and with a call to wonder,
"If life were a person, how would it be approaching me? What gift is it bearing?",

i find life is approaching with care and offering a gift of strength in loving solidarity.

i am glad to be a part of a community of friends who do not shy from realness... who each come bearing gifts... cups of their own unique strength, their best selves... of gentleness, bossiness, listening, insight, chocolate, a choked word of encouragement, mirth, courage, hope... and in it i do not have to pretend there is no sadness, but together we live through this... i remember that i do not have to be strong in this place. none of us do... perhaps this is its greatest gift...

blessed is the one who finds in isolation there is a chain of love linking itself together... drawing itself in like a tightening circle... one by one knuckles rap gently at the door and draw me out into the nurturing light of together we live through this...

the day ends as it began, with tears. but as it closes in quiet, it is not only in sadness that they fall...

colour me blessed. so very blessed. and gratitudinal once again.
love finds me here. just as i am.

If you want to travel fast, travel alone.
If you want to travel far, travel together.

- African Proverb.


  1. the company: delicious
    the café was our kitchen
    conversation: enriching
    the love is neverending.

  2. Right back at ya, with purrs of thankfulness for intention and wisdom. x

  3. so glad that, like christopher robin, we get to keep bumping down the stairs in good company. x

  4. Be excessively gentle with yourself!

    See you very soon my friend...

    xmo mox

    ps - didn't know I blogged ... did you!!? Only a handful of people do!!