Thursday, May 22, 2008

new horizons

first up. i may have posted something on this documentary on its release last year. today i got to see it. vital viewing if you have an opinion on any one or more of the following:

  • Christianity
  • How we read the Bible
  • LGBT rights
  • Homophobia
  • Family

i didn't think there was much more i could learn about the intersection of these issues. i was wrong. i was left moved and challenged. powerful stuff.


at the beginning of this year i set out to consider a cause to commit to.
in these days i am beginning to wonder if it is not me that is finding cause but that cause is finding me.

i have spent much of this week in the delightful company of one
Peterson Toscano. at a time when i am reflecting deeply on my 6 years in the ikon community, trying to work out how to proactively step toward i know not what on my own personal journey, to understand why it has brought me to here on the outer fringes of the church yet now more deeply passionate than ever about the what it means to identify as Christian, to feel a sense of vocation to serve fragile and experimenting communities on the edge but no clear sense of what that could or should look like, to be wondering where i should plant myself if i respond to that sense of vocation, Peterson has brought challenge and insight to bear. the kind of conversation that one senses will be an important part of my story as i look back in years to come. i am deeply grateful, not only for his activism but for his commitment to ever weaving conversations that are going on in so many places. conversations that feels like a calling. it is a strange sensation. that something of deep significance for my life is afoot. requiring courage to follow desire, to have patience and stepping on in faith, and to believe like i never have before. that my longing and frustration are telling me about the unlived parts of me. that what feels like loss now will turn out to be anything but. that absence is giving way to deep presence. that what feels like vulnerability is in fact deep strength.

and as i try to find the words, try to find my place, i am to hold steady and to listen, speak, create, act from my heart. from my deepest self.


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