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Noun. figure of speech in which a part represents the whole, as in the expression “hired hands” for workmen or, less commonly, the whole represents a part, as in the use of the word “society” to mean high society. Closely related to metonymy—the replacement of a word by one closely related to the original—synecdoche is an important poetic device for creating vivid imagery.


my dear friend david dark sent the following link under the heading, "looks promising"
Synecdoche, New York

this was my reply. he requested i blog it. so, here it is. check out the video at that link first otherwise this will make no sense.


yes it does. please excuse me for a moment, i have some business to
attend to:


dear god
i will make the following trade on my contract for heaven. i'll
forgo my heretofore promised eternity, "reclining on 600 count
egyptian cotton and chenille, accompanied by a companion to read me
the complete canon of flannery o'connor's works, with a Michelin 3
star private chef on hand, in a home straight out of architectural
digest, while the semi-clad Misters k reeves, b pitt and c bale do
press ups, crunches and tinker with an array of classic 4 and 2
wheeled vehicles", for instead, "a perpetually available seat at a
simple table at which is seated a fully clothed philip seymour
hoffman rehearsing his lines".
as a gesture of "good faith" i am open to negotiation of the nature
of said 'lines' - Mr Hoffman eternally reading aloud from the phone
book or indeed the back of a cereal packets will be considered as
potentially acceptable to my terms, with the attached proviso that
i then get to bring a friend who can cook to meet our culinary
requirements. as i am servant-like in nature i will happily wash
the dishes. perhaps in return for this good faith you might
consider ceding that Mr Hoffman could read, 'a good man is hard to
find' on my or indeed Jesus' birthday.
as per our original agreement, i will of course in return, until
the as yet unknown date of commencement into the heavenly realm,
continue to be kind to children and animals and and live out your
Word of inclusive love and peace to the best of my somewhat
wretched abilities.
if your people could contact my people in this regard and at your
convenience, i would be most grateful.
yours, eternally,
c. ]

sorry about that, i'm back,

i spy with my little eye:
the eye doctor was (i think) the guy who "only dated models" in
SATC S1ep2, "Models and Mortals".
the tall balding man we saw at the start was looks very like the
guy who played John Lee Roche, the vacuum cleaner come pedophile
serial killer in TXF S4ep08, "Paper Hearts".

i could probably be a leading surgeon or NASA scientist if it
wasn't for this useless crap filling up my brain space.

geek that.



i then got this reply,

thank you for this C (and please put it on thy blog if'n it ain't
there already).
i wondered if that first man we see might've been the troubled
murdering man in michael mann's _Manhunter_ (to which _Silence of the
Lambs_ was the sequel).
consider yourself a lyrical mind...the "useless crap" might, in some
sense, be equivalent to the folks who had the Odyssey, the Qur'an, or
Beowulf in their heads long before before pen was often put to

word up,

so, i have blogged as requested and an imdb search later and it turns out we're both right. Tom Noonan is his name, formerly of Manhunter and X-Files is indeed that freakily tall man in the clip.

reminder: the geeks *will* inherit the earth.
consider yourselves on notice,


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