Wednesday, February 21, 2007

a violin plays...

thanks to Padraig for bringing to my attention this fabulous poem, courtesy of the writer's almanac from american public radio.

i was slightly freaked out to discover that today's poem (click the wednesday tab at the above link) is funeral blues by w.h.auden.
i was reciting that poem in my head as i was thinking a lot about funerals today... no idea why. it was just one of those days...

edited to add: the tuesday offerings are breathtaking...

happy birthday to chuck palahniuk and david foster wallace. one day i WILL read infinite jest. i will i will i will.



  1. ok that has freaked me out. i was saying the auden poem to myself yesterday. 'prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone.. nothing now can come to any good'. i don't know at all why it was in my head.


    P.S. i was signed up to the wrters almanac for a while. it is a digest well worth reading if you can keep up it.

  2. spooky indeed. but rather cool as spookiness goes...

    i'm gonna sign up to the almanac podcast i think...

    cya soon -

  3. oh man. i've just spent forever arsin about with new templates and i finally find one that i think looks really cool... and it's the same as your one. great minds must truly think alike. or perhaps it is just the narnia connection...