Monday, February 26, 2007


i am pretty much without the use of my right hand today (planning to go to a&e and see if they'll give me an x-ray and then do whatever needs to be done to stop it hurting) so typing is problematic... i think i may have had a fracture for past couple of months and not known it...

but here's 3 good things in the world of entertainment to add to martin scorsese's win at the oscars...


well i should have posted this yesterday but i only discovered it today. last night :living tv: started airing the x-files from the pilot and plan to show the entire series.
i'm kinda jealous of anyone who gets to watch from the start.

if you missed the global phenomenon the first time round, well worth checking out now. the chemistry is smart and thus sexy.


last week i got the compleete season boxset of six feet under. stunning stuff. another boundary breaking show. i missed season 5 as i decided to live without television so i'm watching from the beginning to build the tension... completed s1 last night. utterly compelling and convincing.


track of the week
LOVING this. bloc party's latest. track 9. can't get off the turntable.
bloody great interview with lead singer in the latest issue of Attitude.
makes me want to drive with stereo on full blast, windows down and singing with unabashed passion with a buddy to drum on the dashboard...

intriguing that he's been critical of morrissey's evasiveness over his sexuality and yet it seems to me that the phrasing of this track owes so much to the mozza...

the bass line is deeeeeeelicious...


right, off to A+E i go. i am hospital phobic so i am not looking fwd to this one iota...



  1. all the best for your trip to hospital - hope you had a good book or something to while away the waiting time.

    just sometimes I hear the call of the open road, and it's always music that does it... excellent :)

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