Wednesday, February 07, 2007

a pause

in this RnR time i've been taking these past couple months to shift my orientation from looking back to looking forward, one of the challenges has been keeping a good healthy routine when i don't have to get out of bed and go to sleep pattern has improved greatly of late and on days like today i have a little list of things to do with writing for pleasure in the afternoon as my reward for productive mundanity...

so, this morning, accompanied by good tunage,
coffee has been consumed.
correspondence has been written.
i have clean clothes again and my jeans no longer smell like a chip shop in portrush

still to do...
resume needs editing
room is a tip and needs major tidying...
no longer needed belongings need to get bagged up for charity

so while i potter, here's some photos from the north coast...
(as i bring some order to the chaos of my little room i'll muse on last night's launch of ikon co:ordinates... i can't believe we made it, but we did and it's great...)


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