Tuesday, February 27, 2007


well, i went to A+E.

no panic attack, aided by keli's accompaniment and some cool messages from ma homies which gave me a shot of courage. and no x-ray either. instead a pair of doctors prodded and poked my hand while trying to work out what was causing me so much pain today. they hummed and hawed, i cursed. loudly.
nothing broken. but it turns out i damaged tendons in my hand on my return journey from toronto in a luggage related incident (that'll stop me from returning home with twice my body weight in future, eh?) said tendons are connected to my thumb's oposable movement. hence i move my thumb and i feel pain in my wrist. unenthusiastic about injecting my hand with steroids (breaks the pain cycle but doesn't actually heal the tendon and by killing the pain might encourage me to go on using my thumb) they dispatched me with a makeshift splint to stop me moving my thumb for the next week so it can recover from today's agonising 'flare up' and then a month of minimal thumb movement and no load bearing of any sort with my right hand. as for the chronic, ie underlying, symptoms of last 8 weeks - only time will tell but the prognosis was, 'tendons are buggers to heal' and i could be putting up with a dodgy thumb/wrist combination for a while. i'm booked in to the hand clinic in 4 weeks and if things haven't improved we may resort to an injection. i get the distinct impression that tendons, whilst a stunning piece of biological engineering, have proven elusive to medical treatment. the docs were clearly fascinated at the complexity of how one's hand works as a peice of machinery but sorry that there is so little to be done to solve the problem. physiotherapy is pointless it seems. a moving tendon is not a healing one.
so, armed with a lot more knowledge of how my hand works, instructions to self medicate if needed and basically put up with the dis-ability as best i can and try not to let it get me down, however frustrating, my right hand is now a live experiment in what our species was like before we got opposable thumbs in the great journey of evolution. yay. :0|

i am thankfully left handed but in this right handed world, like most left handers, i do a load of stuff with my right. this is gonna be a frustrating few weeks and will be a lenten test of patience, but at least i can write.

that said, still proud to be a southpaw...

drama over for now.



  1. that's a bummer and i hope the thing heals soonly.

    on a happy note i can tell you that series five of six feet under does not disappoint! i think that show is best viewed a box set too. can't be doing with ad-breaks really. ah, i miss six feet under!

  2. Chris Enstad5:02 am

    hey hey,
    sorry to hear about your thumb! you were in Toronto! When will you be in Minneapolis??? HMMMM??/

    Thanks for the great time at Soliton and I hope to see you one time soon,
    Chris Enstad

  3. Chris Enstad5:03 am

    oh and my blog is below:

  4. hey chris

    i was in TO for christmas/new year visiting my brother.
    as for minneapolis, i've no plans for travel at present but it's been added to list of places it'd be good to get to stateside...

    keep in touch

    LB, x

  5. bugger!
    tendon damage sucks - southpaws don't, just ask rocky balboa!


  6. ouch... hope it's not too much of a hinderence... try to see the bright side - you can now devote your time to one of life's biggest questions: what IS the sound of one hand clapping?


    (i hope it doesn't stop you from returning to toronto)

  7. hope you feel the benefit of rest and pain relief soon...
    the hand is fascinating - if thats what grabs you... so to speak... amazing design until it goes wrong!
    Take care,

  8. cheryl7:47 am

    hey cary -

    firstly, this really sucks.

    secondly, you're inspiringly resilient.

    thirdly... i just bought the latest Frames cd... these guys rock. it was comfort music at the end of a really tough week, and it's been one of those cd's that has seemed to match every mood since. nice.

    hope you're ok. if i lived in belfast i'd come and open lots of bottles of wine with you - just so you didn't have to manipulate a corkscrew on your own.


  9. hey cheryl,

    ha. your commitment to aid the afflicted is an example to all. you are a true servant. :0)

    it would be lovely to be sharing a bottle of wine with you and the accompanying chat.

    i listened to ::the cost:: on my new 'pod yesterday in your honour. i think it's my favourite studio album of theirs to date. love it. glad you are too.

    as i mentioned in an email to my friend Tim, (who i'm in the process of 'evangelising' in the hope he'll be washed in the blood of the Frames,) the opening of that album makes my toes curl, by the closing bars makes me want to pray to i know not what.


  10. Hurray for us lefties. Sorry you busted your thumb, but glad to hear that you're giving it some TLC. See you in July when we all get over for 6 months!