Tuesday, August 31, 2010

home from the 'belt

alright, this'll be a very brief update for now.

back from greenbelt. great weekend. came home to find my step-mum is back in hospital. haven't had a chance to process the weekend but there was loads of good in there and i'm looking forward to writing about it as i get my thoughts together and my muddy laundry done.

despite coming back to family concerns, that doesn't take away from the fantastic-ness of the weekend. i was loved by an amazing group of friends, who threw me a hen party on Saturday. hoping i'll have photos to share at some point. left me feeling overwhelmed with gratitude. made new friends; heard some inspiring ideas; heard good music; and spent much time just hanging out chatting and laughing...

Camp Fury HQ. home to 14 of us this year. plus a few guests at every meal too.
Padraig & Jayne discuss leftovers. Stephen grins.
the view from the 'Soul Space'.

time to wash the field off...


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