Sunday, August 22, 2010


Well, this is a delight of a dilemma... starting 3 amazing books all at once and then being caught between them.

First up, recommended to me yesterday by the lovely photographer and gentle human, Colin Fraser Wishart; he spoke so beautifully of it, i immediately bought it. the foreword is worth the cover price alone. just sublime... Just Kids by Patti Smith.

Temperence by Cathy Malkasian 

Was browsing the graphic novel section on Wednesday having just handed in my thesis to school & was relishing the relief & my only purpose being pleasure... read the back cover of this and didn't even look inside -- walked straight up to the counter and bought it. the line, [the society] Blessedbowl is a cultural convergence of lies, memories, stories, and beliefs did it... the insides are proving to be worth the impulsive purchase.

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

Joel's gifting me the graphic adaptation to mark the end of my MA & proving once again his awesomeness on several levels with it. so i'm getting the original novel in before it arrives. needless to say, my penchant for dystopian futures is being rewarded. the man really knows how to turn a phrase.

(the soon-to-arrive graphic adaptation)


going on my wish list...

Batwoman Elegy. Briefly skipped into Forbidden Planet in Belfast and found this. i'd love the deluxe edition but (for nothing more than idiosyncratic aesthetic reasons) i'd prefer to read this in softcover than the currently available hardcover. will have to do some digging around to see if the softcover ed is planned with or without the extra material from the deluxe ed, which includes an intro by Rachel Maddow intact. otherwise might have to settle for hardcover.

eenie meenie mynie mo...


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