Tuesday, August 17, 2010

c'est finis

can't quite believe it but the thesis is finished. nothing left to do but drop it into the university & deliver about 20 books back to the library over the next couple of days. most of which i ended up not using. typical. ah well. no matter.

Am looking forward to collecting it tomorrow from the binding store in its shiny hardcover with (frankly ridiculously pompous) gold lettering with the title meeting university specified minimum font size (btw, that's 24pt/8mm for those who are similarly exacting) part of me is sorely tempted to get my red sharpie out and scrawl V's symbol across the title page as an act of protest. (don't worry, it's an easily controllable part)

missed a night's sleep on sunday night. i think it was sunday... is this tuesday....? yes. sunday. slept like a log last night but feeling knackered all the same. but am looking forward to giving the flat a major clean and tidy and getting ready for greenbelt. which is quite unfathomably next week.

have been for some much needed groceries and about to prepare a steak sandwich, which
1. is a rewarding treat,
2. doesn't require me to stand over the stove for long,
3. requires neither editing nor accurate citation and inclusion in a bibliography in the chicago author-date style as per university regulations. oh wait... hold on. nothing in my life requires that. thank. you. Jesus.

still, it's not been too painful a process. and i've enjoyed great swathes of it. and i'm pretty pleased with what i'm handing over. which matters to me more than any grade.

i'm looking forward to going back to reading comics for the sheer unadulterated pleasure.


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  1. Congratulations on reaching this particular finishing tape!