Wednesday, March 03, 2010

things i'm liking

i'm becoming more in love with Vimeo by the day. The Sandpit was a favourite of the past week. i often find the world is a much more balanced place seen through their lens than via the news. same goes for Astronomy Cast. i love falling asleep to this podcast. (especially as i've been avoiding the film talk due to spoiler warnings on several films.) the astronomy cast conversations have a lovely tone to them. it's full of awe and mystery and mindbending ideas. this show is ideally suited and (in some sense made) for folks with limited astronomy knowledge and is always pretty entertaining.

i'm also growing to love the respectful troll free conversations going on at Ta-nehisi Coates' blog at The Atlantic. (warning: contains very 'adult' humour and language this week.) and the Olympics. oh Canada. you did well. and i really want a pair of those red maple leaf on the palm mittens. the boston globe big picture, which i also love, has some amazing photos from the games.

these things been increasingly valuable to me these past couple of weeks in which i've been battling anxiety that keeps creeping up on me and whacking me on the back of the head.
i knew i'd have to work very hard some days to feel calm while living long distance from my partner and with a wait of unknown duration and bureaucratic process to go through to be with him. it was probably hormonal but this past week has been challenging in that regard.
i'm not living in gmt at the moment. i typically only go to sleep 3 hours before Joel does, yet he's living 6 timezones behind me. that's not good. doesn't help me feel like i'm living in one place and encourages my sense of dislocation. so we're working on making some adjustments so i get to sleep earlier.

it's March. i count the 1st as the first day of spring. and right on cue the sun was warming my windows so much that the air feels warmer as one nears the glass than colder.

the gorgeous soundtrack to The Sandpit was created by a "music and sound initiative" called Human. in trying to find out more about the track, which i haven't yet, i found this great short film called Zach (you'll see it in a selection of films at that link).
putting the men into menarche*, it's a quietly quirky and provocative exploration of pubescent experience and gender.

*my favourite bit of word play this week.

there's a new venture called Mapping Our Rights here. worth checking out if you're in the US and concerned about reproductive justice and/or LGBT equality. you can see how your state fairs.

something i'm sorry i'm missing: iain archer is heading to Nashville next week for the Belfast-Nashville Songwriters' festival. details here.

right, have a very important paper for school to be completed today. roll on Saturday and a week of wall-to-wall surround sound technicolour 3D dr-of-darkness immersion. but enjoying today for it's own sake. right here. right now.

here's some nice musical accompaniment to the day.


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