Monday, March 08, 2010

"our tiny skull-sized kingdoms"

the sun is shining outside, i've just re-aubergined my hair and Joel is sitting at the coffee table marking exam papers for a while before we head into the city for the afternoon.

waiting for the water to heat so i can take a quick shower, i've been browsing through my google reader and this caught my eye...


naturally, intrigued. i took the bait. so glad i did. this is an extract from a 2005 commencement speech at kenyon college by the late David Foster Wallace. breathtaking. 


other things i've been liking of late...

eve ensler's thoughts on emotions and girls developing in this conversation with author Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snicket) - i'm running this in the background and Joel's downed tools and is engrossed... 

"people who can say 'scud missiles' and 'plutonium' and 'war' and have no problem with that... they were horrified by the word vagina"
neil gaiman's latest post from a very nice hotel room in holywood. we got this morning's  Oscar news from his twitter feed and i smiled at the thought of him skipping the after-parties to hang out with king-of-the-geeks john hodgman.

'Lucy'. on radiolab. i've listened 3 times. and cried each time. can't recommend this enough. very provocative.
House on Loon Lake from This American Life. take the phone off the hook. pour some tea. put your feet up. enjoy.

Padraig's poetry website. brilliant. of course.

Robert Wright on Speaking of Faith.


some people came earlier, others will turn up later, but everyone's invited...

right, time to get ready and show my partner in crime the town. 

p.s. here's the ring for those gals who'd been asking for a pic... 


  1. I just sit here, read your posts and smile. And now I have some great links to attend to once the kids are completely asleep. Thanks.

  2. i sure hope you found something in the mix that was worth your precious few hours of time to yourself. :)