Wednesday, March 17, 2010

old favourites

yesterday i got listening to Lies Damned Lies. i had an email exchange with Chris and that often makes me think of LDL as it's a shared love.

the album, the human dress is a good place to start. it's nice to be rediscovering it. it's good to be reminded of just how beautiful Steve Butler's voice is...
i've rarely held back in expressing how much i don't resonate with what's called "contemporary Christian music". that in large part the fault of this band. because they were an early love and not much else could compare.

my top tracks currently going around the virtual turntable in the form of a playlist:

from the human dress:
* sit by me
* the human dress (lyrics by william blake)
* the next life
* free of the fear - from lamentations (great album for Lent)
* i'd make it up - from after virtue
* one time - from flying kites
* at the centre - from the last place on the map

and i'm adding there you were from steve butler's solo album lovecomedown because it made my eyes prick with very particular kind of tears to read these words on the sleeve insert yesterday...

when i could not be persuaded 
when i could not find my way
and the last thing i wanted to hear was
'you never should say never"
i came round the corner and there you were

dunno where they are these days, maybe on the face book, maybe disbanded, closed up shop, maybe just unplugged and still playing in a living room somewhere. the original websites are closed, and i can't see how you can get hold of their stuff but there's still a very out of date LDL myspace site here
steve stockman has a 2007 review of one of their living room gigs here. it really was that good. but it seems after that night they dropped off the face of the web.

oh well.

more later on other matters entirely, but for now, Happy St Patrick's Day. i'm wearing green but entirely unintentionally. it was late morning when it was pointed out to me it was the 17th.

here's to coming round corners...


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