Sunday, November 01, 2009

spooktacularly brief...

it was, and this will be. i am beyond tired. but very happy. best Hallowe'en e.v.e.r., in the shape of 48 hours with Joel. grateful to dear friends who sent us lovely messages of well wishing over the duration. yes, we had a fabulous time and yes, we savoured every precious in-person minute of it.

roll on Christmas break.



  1. The Father10:40 am

    All hallows Eve with the Dr of Darkness. What more could anyone want? Blessings from Belfast and looking forward to a little night out in Nashville over new year x

  2. belated, but that pic of the two of you is the best one ever. i have never seen the dr of darkness (thank you, father) play COY before. it suits him.

    big love.