Monday, November 02, 2009

birthday redux

i need to be getting back into the books. the next six weeks are going to be very busy with writing essays. a good result on a mid-term paper has me feeling encouraged but there's now 3 assignments due by mid-December. 

but before that, i'm rewinding time back a couple of weeks...
through the wonder that is Skype, after breakfast with Ewan and the crew in Toronto, Joel threw me a birthday party in Nashville. there was cake and flowers cut fresh from the garden, and a round of Go Fish with the family. my parentals dashed to the supermarket and supplied me with cake to eat here. highlight was then, by some kind of magic :), being able to simultaneously blow out candles on both sides of the atlantic. 

Joel took some photos, posted here with gratitude for the care and love in it...



  1. has sarah had a major hair cut?

    god the kids have grown

  2. she cut it short sometime last year.

    and yes, the kids have grown. children generally seem to have a habit of that. downright freaky if you ask me.



  3. think am gonna get an engraving on my arm!!!

    what ya think?