Sunday, November 29, 2009

creepy tales

darkness of a whole different kind...

Joel recently found himself driving alone with an almost empty tank, close to lost, in the middle of the night, on the back roads of the wonderfully appropriate Barren County, Kentucky. no wonder then that he tried to dissuade me from listening to The Old Road, the final episode in series 2 of The Man in Black on bbc radio 7. as he no doubt knew i would, i ignored him. and i'm glad. this is radio drama at its best.
also worth hearing is Angel in Disguise and the particularly gruesome, Flesh.
it's all a superb take on the tradition of the classic, "spooky story" in contemporary settings... you know the inevitability of what's coming and yet it doesn't spoil the listening... one can't help but grin... 

the tradition of scaring ourselves around campfires and by torchlight with stories of strange happenings and things that go bump and growl in the night are our way of dealing with our fears and the real darkness we face... a curious form of entertainment and yet somehow telling creepy tales pushes back the world and those real fears... as host Mark Gatiss would likely concur, there is comfort in knowing after all, that it's only a story...

isn't it?


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