Monday, July 26, 2010

three from Sully

This is a quick stop-by to bookmark three great and very different posts from Andrew Sullivan today.

i read them in reverse order and that's how i present them here...

in the first, Poz Face, he reflects on his experience of living for many years now as HIV+. i found his words powerful and deeply moving. for as much as he can madden me, for as much as his political standpoint differs from mine on some issues, he remains a must-read. he blogs in a way few others achieve. and anytime i walk away, i find myself coming back. this kind of defiant truthfulness is why.

Today's Mental Health Break. i can't say i really know anything about Jewel or her music, but for feel-goodness and the best side of people shining through - this video did the job. (btw, at the very end there's a tiny moment of language probably NSFW or kids, even if it is delivered in a delightful way.)

And finally, The Language of Faith. i'm having difficulty getting the embedded video to play through, even on youtube, but regardless, I found what Sullivan had to say to be noteworthy,

"Sometimes, I think of faith as like looking at an old and famous painting for so long that it becomes impossible to see it any more. By see it, I mean see it with eyes fresh to its core meaning, open to its ambiguities and associations, and prepared to be shocked by its audacity."                      continues here.

hope this finds you well wherever you are and getting what you need.

i have a big amount of school work to complete and not much time. But Joel returns Monday from Berlin for a couple more weeks. still, makes for precious times to treasure together despite the looming deadlines. i can't wait to have him back home.


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