Thursday, February 04, 2010

nature goes wild, human wastes half an hour

i think this Tumbleweed Invasion is my favourite mental health break ever on the Dish. a delight to watch and hear. highly recommended.

a spot of browsing of related videos as i drank my morning coffee then produced this Australian tumbleweed tornado and that led to crazy footage in a storm and then a cruise ship got caught in a cyclone. hold on to your breakfast. seriously.
the nausea was slightly tempered by the stream of associative google ads. here's a grab of the *ahem* pitch. sorry. couldn't resist the pun. sorry.

(passenger video footage from inside the ship here)

oh, while i'm here. Brook - you wanted to know what "film talk 104" was awhiles back. apologies for belated answer. see right hand side bar - blogs i'm following - there's a link to the film talk. or click here. "104" referred to the 104th episode. available to live stream on the blog or as a free podcast on itunes. it's good stuff.


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