Sunday, June 01, 2008

goodbye to the castle

final posting from the upper th'east side. as of today i'm resident in Holywood, Co Down.

after a 4 days of moving belongings i'm knackered and not particularly looking forward to the sorting out of boxes at my new abode - there is much to be recycled and delivered to the local charity shops. but the apartment is empty and it feels a relief. as i wait to hand over the keys, jayne and i are lounging on the lawn by the pool and taking one last swim.
this has been a great place to live. quirky and full of rambling character. will i miss it? probably. are they great advantages to the move? many. reducing my life once again to one room makes for a lot of extra work but is cleansing - forcing me to get rid of stuff i should have given away two years back.

i wanted to try living on my own. i found somewhere that made me more excited than afraid to do so. and this old mansion has done its job.
this has been an eventful year. the past 6 months especially so. in 3 and a half months i leave for the US again. in the meantime i have a summer by the sea to look forward to and a deadline to meet.

so, one chapter ends and another begins.

a house is bricks and mortar. home is something very different. home is where the heart is.
home is therefore something you can build anywhere you bring your love...


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  1. home is very different to a house...a feeling more than a place perhaps?
    All the best settling into your new place :)
    A summer by the sea sounds really good.