Monday, March 17, 2008

nothin' strange or unusual...

take this sinking boat and turn it home
we still got tii-ime...

happy st patrick's day. listening to ::the cost:: in honour.

after a lovely few days in Nashville with the crew, which was as close to heavenly as it might ever get, with its weaving intentional conversations of togetherness in community, i'm back in the Ole Pueblo and it's another working week. routine these days looks like free floating association while engaging in light domestic chores in the morning, a couple hours of reading and then correspondence and writing at a local cafe in the afternoon. currently trying to make something from aforementioned conversations, which left me with much upon which to reflect.

the weather is decidedly Irish today - high fifties Fahrenheit, partly sunny/cloudly, threatening rain, breezy. but needless to say it's gonna climb back up to the heat to which we are becoming accustomed in the coming days and we'll be back into the 80s by week's end.

off to jared and jaime's for soda bottle geysers with an excited 8 year old and an "irish" dinner this evening. better get back to some so-called work.

raise your hopeful voice
i'll sing along



  1. Anonymous10:17 am

    Wish I could be out there with you. Missing you

    Pete x

  2. cheryl6:27 am

    loving reading these little moments of your life

    we'll be in belfast post-greenbelt... hope you will be too

    cheryl x