Tuesday, March 11, 2008

hold steady while i learn


greetings from springtime in Nashville. i love this place. i love the folks i get to hang with here.

have dropped into TN for a few days. as i write i sit across a Fido table from the good Father McCleary, catching up on overdue correspondences (specific sincere apologies are due to Gailers and both Judes for failing to keep up my end of the conversations and updating you like i said i would. shame on me).

more soon. in the meantime, thanks for the lovely messages here and elsewhere. you is good people.

last night, a friendly acquaintance parted with the words, ::i hope your heart heals:: and something of this place tells me it will come. i feel my inner world wrestle as the new collides with the old. grieving giving way to birthing. and somehow we just keep holding steady. and each day is a resolution to do it better. to learn how to speak with honesty and not judgment. to dare to express from that inner world, which i find so much more manageable on the page that with my voice.

i believe here. i can't seem to hold up my regular vibe of postmodern a/theism in this place. i feel like these folks kept the faith for me in my absence. or maybe it's just that i'm feeling thoroughly blessed having seen Foy Vance play an impromptu gig in a bar last night. he has the gift.

out of collision, conflict, chaos comes the chance for transformation... i hope you'll stick with me while i learn how to do this thing... that's the closest i have to prayer right now... that love will be like patience...


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  1. good to see you back, your writing is beautiful.. and so are you... may love and patience surround you, RD,x

    did I say it's good to see you back? it really is...