Monday, December 10, 2007

Read between the lines...

ok. 6 days. No laptop. This is being posted from my iPhone. So please excuse the limitations of formatting. Back safe from Tucson. I've left a big chunk of myself behind. Amazing time was had. Ikon/ la aldea (aka Ik/ea) collaboration was productive and rewarding.I got myself a man. Out there in the desert i was found. It was beautiful. Fotos to follow when my little white baby has the power cable she needs. So having returned safely, I have some work for advent. Got a Christmas tree today. He shall be known on these pages as WillO.
Jayne and I decorated said tree and it looks beautiful. I plan to spend some chunks of 2008 in Tucson.
Before she heads to Nepal for the holiday season. Colour me feeling love, peace and joy. Listening to Ohio by OtR. So beautiful. LB's somebody's baby. So beautiful. Like home.

It's all transforming.
it's all to come.
it's advent/ure...



  1. you can't just say that you got yourself a man out there in the desert and not tell more of the story!! Come on!!

    Love to you from the Hendersons this Christmas..... come see us all in Nashville one of these days.

    Trevor, Jenna & Liam

  2. how beautiful...

  3. exciting times eh?!

  4. camel5:49 pm

    hello cary i've found your bolg site at last, to send you some big love! emilie filled me in :) i would love to see you. geoff and i have our first tree she is magical, come over sometime for gingerbread and catch up .. lots been happening , time now for rest and reflection and gathering dear friends . merry christmas to you and lots pots of love camel x

  5. Sooo glad you got a tree. And WillO sounds like a pertinent name (NB I retain all rights to the final w´!)

    Love to you!
    SW x