Saturday, December 01, 2007

it's coming to soon

Tucson feels like ireland right now. it's rained for 2 days solid and the air is fresh and cool, the big sky filled with pale grey clouds. the earth has soaked up every drop.

i have gotten to know some beautiful people in this past week. i can't believe it's only been that long. so much has gone on, seen so many new things, been awakened to a landscape that has moved me in a unique way, been surprised by joy.

and i feel sadness creeping in around the edges, each hour now seems coated in the patina of the precious as i know i have to leave. i am looking forward to choosing my Christmas tree, hanging out with Jayne by the fire as we hang each decoration with care and talking and singing carols... of seeing familiar faces and reconnecting with those i love. but Everything But The Girl had it so right and this weather is not normal. dryer days are gonna return and this will only be a memory...

this has been a great trip for ikon. today we will be collaborating for the second time in a week on a service and we've a unique ikon gathering under our belt, called ::broken::
but personally, this has been a
deep experience of living and being. this place and the people in it have got to my core. buried their way beneath my skin with a sense of connection i didn't think i was capable of with unfamiliar faces. i sat last night on the porch trying to memorise every curve and line of every feature, every look and sparkle in each one.

i am so blessed to live within a community of friends that are the best kind of family by choice. and here i sit surprised to find there's somewhere else i could embed myself. to want ::here:: is to know i can't be in two places at once however hard i try...

i just realised i don't have an advent calendar. and here i am counting the days 'til i can get back.

once you've had it, you're in an awful fix...


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