Thursday, November 15, 2007

blonde ambition

my head's filled with a load of stuff right now all vying for attention. and in my heart too. i'm gonna be hanging out in London this weekend and plan to spend a good few hours at a cafe table scribbling so we shall resume normal outpourings of inner stories shortly...

in the meantime, here's the frivolous side of life...
something's changed round LB's personhood. it's behaving itself here thanks to having had on a cap but i got to hand it to peroxide. i can now do some wild stuff with my now much more textured locks.

here's me. with my buddy DF. who was quite delighted, as was i, that we are not just friends, but now friends who match. more fotos will follow displaying the magenta hidden in the platinum. and no doubt celebrating jude's birthday in an outrageously irresponsible fashion. here's hoping anyway.

love the one's your with...

1 comment:

  1. Hi, have fun in London - we all need outrageous and irresponsible moments!

    Love the hair - though I don't know what it was like before - what a happy photo... :)