Monday, November 05, 2007

all telling from the inside

the week that's gone has been filled with music. and flu.

this week saw me bedridden, and watching lots of the wire and queer as folk(usa) from under my duvet for comfort.

the flu was sandwiched between two trips to the grand opera house as part of the belfast festival. the frames' show on monday was astounding and willow and i had amazing second row seats. we were blown away.

yesterday saw me getting a request with only an hour's notice to merch the duke's memorabilia at both the matinee and evening shows making for a long day into night. how could i say no to the man. willow came and helped out in the madness that followed the matinee for which i gave her my slot on the guest list. but the work came with the delicious treat of some reunions with band and crew and a surprise in the shape of iain archer, whom i didn't know was supporting on the evening show 'til i saw the running order for the day. i dandered backstage to stand in the dark calm of the wings to watch him play while on a break and i got to see a significant chunk of the duke too. both were awesome.

tonight marked my most anticipated night of the festival. mark kozelek played the black box. our little table was front and centre and nothing lay between us and him but no more than 8 feet of music filled air.
still trying to get rid of the cold in my head but i'm nestling in the place that only kozelek seems to know how to express. he was spellbinding. and beautiful.

next sunday i have to take to the same stage for ikon and i don't know what i can say to follow his authenticity...
it seems everything is in a state of ambiguity and uncertainty these days. i head to arizona for ikon in only a couple of weeks and before then i'm in london. and this was meant to be the quiet month after an October filled with family. and instead of creating a working timetable i've been lying on my back or bathing in the bliss of others' beauty...

there is something pulling at me. i feel i am in a place where significant choices are waiting to be made...there are things i want to create. i just need to work out how to make it happen...
*just* ... ha...if only it were that simple.

but then maybe it is. maybe i just need to leap...


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