Thursday, September 06, 2007

Almost Famous - today it's all about one man

still haven't gotten around to posting my greenbelt memories... but looks like i'm gonna write something over the next few days for hopefully publishing elsewhere off these pages...

there's a list of things to be done but i am enforcing a quiet morning of doing nothingness other than listening to quiet tunes and running fingers across the keys... finding a place of calm after a night of fitful and fretful sleep...

i'm looking forward to many visitors in the coming weeks, and also a rack of good live music. the frames at grand opera house, ute lemper (also at GOH and a gift from duke special - danke mein herr!) mark kozelek at the black box... this last one is gonna feel very special - a cult icon in my book, playing in nI for the first time to what will probably be an adoring audience, and in a venue i have spent so much time in this year.

in that spirit i am listening to kozelek's back catalogue as i write
there is a lovely biography spanning '92 to '06 on the unofficial site, Sad Reminders
and the link over in the right hand side bar has a great one too...

for a koselek primer, i think these albums should be in your collection for starters... get it sorted...
  • retrospective - red house painters
  • songs for a blue guitar - RHP
  • take me home - kozelek led john denver tribute
  • tiny cities - sun kil moon (kozelek got knocked in some quarters for taking the lyrics of modest mouse for this covers album. those who didn't appreciate the use of the words of others are missing the point entirely. what MK does with these songs is nothing short of genius)
  • little drummer boy - mark kozelek live.


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