Sunday, July 22, 2007

theodrama, or, Believe the Lie

today, asides from being a little giddy after some serious surfing in pursuit of details of TXF2, which only goes to remind me how much will, and probably should be, kept under wraps, i'm giving time to greenbelt07 preparation .
of which i can't say much about. frustrating.

ikon's taken a policy of not giving anything away what's gonna happen at The God Delusion but needless to say, this is gonna look, sound and feel NOTHING like Fundamentalism at gb06. i can tell you that much. the theosophy remains very much ikon and Pete Rollins keeps reminding me how radical some of what we've planned actually is. it seems so natural to collaborate with folks on the outer limits, i have a tendency to forget that some of what we're gonna do will push folks buttons.

last year was all about creating confrontation with austere, hard edged, black and white division - an aesthetic to match the message that we draw lines of division with our beliefs, and our fundamentalisms are dangerous. they make idols out of the other, not icons.

this year, with quite a transformation of aesthetic, we take things a step further...

Where does your faith

if ::Fundamentalism:: was in part about a failure to deconstruct, then ::The God Delusion:: is perhaps both the natural follow-up and the total opposite... it's all about immersing ourselves in the creative act of's very layered, there will be several provocative questions posed and
some hopefully interesting visual metaphors to play and interact with... as ever, nothing is without symbolic intention however trivial or minor it may appear... will it be an act of worship? perhaps. perhaps. perhaps.

look at the time. must dash. i am so late.

Trust No One.


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