Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hal - leluhjah

it's the summer season, which means team fury crew are spending tuesday nights watching movies, taking it in turns to pick a film. we've had the edukators (brother chris), everything is illuminated (padraig, my love), and this week the father brought us hal hartley's 1998 offering, the book of life.
i saw this on 31.12.99, with mark himself, the day on which the film is set and not since. but it left an indelible mark. consider by some to be the classic hartley this is very low budget, anything but mainstream, but full of wit and in a post 9/11 world there are some really affecting shots adding a whole other layer to the experience.
recommended if you like your films with a religious theme to get you thinking... provocative, some might say blasphemous, and amusing in turn.
martin donovan and pj harvey as jesus and magdalena - both have me suspending my disbelief in seconds, particularly donovan - the only actor to have depicted Christ and had me buy it instantly, probably because it's so understated in classic donovan fashion... and i think it's far easier to relate to a saviour in a Mulder suit than a long white flowing robe...

so for 63 minutes (a short one this), i was a believer again. i've yet to choose what to show but i'm leaning towards another donovan film, the little known but utterly affecting and superbly acted hollow reed (1996, channel four films), a disturbing depiction of child abuse, the pain of family breakdown and the rights of gay parents. not one to have you laughing but highly recommended. if not that, it'll have to be one of my top 5 of 2006, which will make for a difficult choice.

right, off to get my hair cut. hopefully cut away some of the continuing malaise that i just can't shake... if you see my mojo, lemme know... i just can't seem to remember where i put it...

an overdue hello and takk by the way to the lovely folks who've been leaving messages in the comments this past month... it has always left me gratitudinal. apologies for lack of personal repsonse. but it hasn't gone unnoticed...

i'll leave you with a smouldering slice of brooding grace...


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  1. Sod all the deep thought stuff... take Top Gun and several bottles of alcohol and get sh*tted.