Tuesday, March 06, 2007

learn to sing like a star

(for ::Padraig, my love:: in lieu of an overdue email)

so much to tell you. life has been busy and underscored with themes of the fighting that rumbles inside.
with the february ikon gathering ::the comfort zone:: out of the way, (your email arrived on the wireless connection during the gathering) all focus now turns to easter sunday and the next, ::chocolate::

a team of amazing women are pulling this one together and i'm already excited about how we're gonna interpret this theme. the email conversation so far has been dripping with raw femaleness that's like icicles melting into honey and i'm tingling with the delicious anticipation that comes with the signs of synchronicity... i get so energised when i think of each of them and the unique perspectives they offer and what we are each growing into in our lives, wherever we are at...

the new kristin hersh - it's a good 'un... has taken me back to hips and makers and the grotto too which has been a welcome return... heck we've probably never had a hersh conversation... ah... we're gonna have fun on your return. you'll love her... there'll be a selection awaiting you...

listening to a lot of female artists as i muse on women's stories of suffering and rebirth and the texture of female interactions with the cross... and in that vein:


song of the day:

within without from over the rhine's ::eve::. an old fave i tripped over this on the 'Pod and welcomed back with open soul...

i have always loved the way karin bergquist (seemingly) fearlessly
returns messianic seduction -
sexy as all get out

and with a no frills bass line that does exactly what it should
that just drives this track like wheels on a smooth highway
with the guitar changing the gears...

lovin' it. music to ride to.


within without - over the rhine

is it because I cannot see you
that you feel so free to steal
my excess baggage
full of darkness and despair
while I fumble with my locks
you're content to stand and knock
yet I know your knack for thievery is rare

do you know they call it arson
setting fires without permissions
in my heart for sure and maybe elsewhere too
though your lack of inhibition
captures my imagination
I end up a wiser person thanks to you

it's coming to fruition
the sympathetic vibration
your train is at my station
within without

then there is your flare for murder
there's a dagger in the border
of your cloak and I suspect a captain's gun
as you put to death suspicions
kindly kill my fears as well
exorcise and slay the demons one by one

though I'm usually pacifistic
you are mercifully sadistic
and I didn't know that murder could be good
but the roses came crimson
springing from the prison
of the floorboards where there once were stains of blood

it's coming to fruition
the sympathetic vibration
your train is at my station
within without
it's calming my suspicion
with soothing intuition
your train is at my station
within without
within without
within without
within without




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