Saturday, March 31, 2007

food revolutions


tonight i ate eel for the first time.

at a sushi bar. also a first.
i ate sushi rolls not knowing
exactly what was in them.
all washed down with green tea, which is drunk quite frequently in my presence but until now never by me.

an infinitesimal flexing of the culinary toe of mankind,
a giant russian roulette leap for the choc ice girl.


saw the fountain tonight. thoughts on a postcard, please, if you've seen it. i have mixed feelings.



  1. Wow, I wish I could say...

    I have tried eel.

    I have eaten sushi.

    I drink green tea. (I prefer a Diet Coke)

    or...I saw the Fountain.

    I done any of those things....

    so how was the eel?

    Here from Pauls blog.

  2. hey anna. welcome.

    it was... fishy.

    if i'd had to guess in advance i'd have assumed in texture it would be more like squid. in actuality it was kind of hmm, dry i guess.

    myself and my sushi companion thought it looked like small slices of duck breast until we saw it up close. we asked a waiter what it was before we ate it. :0)

    i'd eat it again.