Saturday, November 11, 2006

note to self

in bed. tired but so used to being up til at least half two in the morning these past ocuple of weeks i 'm finding it hard to get into sleep mode, plus my mind is racing with things i need to do first thing.
oh, and there's the minor matter of not being able to sleep on my usual side in case the tatt should stick to the sheets...

so, i have a cup of tea in hand, and i've just had a maple pecan twist, thank you stu!, and i'm reclining on a freshly made bed in my tidy room, everything's unpacked, i've done 2 loads of laundry, and a third is in the machine as i type, and my stuff for the last weekend leg of the tour is waiting to be packed in the morning.

for my own ref:
wash tatt
straighten hair
pack bag (need change clothes for last night aftershow)
jeff - contact p.
jayne - contact d.
mac cable
email stock sheets - check queries
ben - text
text jim re: surf m.
sort out rtn

sometimes a blog is like a to do list.

nite all,

LB, x

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