Monday, January 16, 2006

spread the love, not the germs

don't step too close. i have a shocking chest cold and i don't want you to get it 'cause it sucks. i should've been in bed this past weekend and instead i was mostly driving across scotland and back. which was really good on many fronts. but not for said cold. thus, i am exhausted, so go look at the following and i'll write all my news of edinburgh and other things tomorrow.

May i point you in the direction of a seriously cool website:

this rocks big time. full props go to jonny mcewan and the good dr for the tip off.
i may never leave the house again.

be well,



  1. Poor you....

    Do you need Vicks rubbing into your chest?!

    Lurve and beer xx

  2. Pandora's cool, but I prefer -- what pandora does with mathematics, does with networks of friends and those with similar tastes. There's even a greenbelt group at

    Get well soon!