Saturday, January 16, 2010

official announcement

so. i'm back in dublin. arrived in this morning. feeling that slightly dizzy jet lagged feeling that comes with one's body and soul being six hours behind. trying to heat up the flat and also get things done that require water. the recent icy weather froze a load of water mains which then burst and so i've come back to learn we are only getting water a limited number of hours in the day. i understand we are the lucky ones in that we are getting at least some.
and as i said to my step mother, we could be in Haiti. and we're not. so we can't complain.

a big posting has been in the works for several days. it will follow sometime over the weekend, possibly in serveral parts. until then, this week's news from the nest is:

Joel Dark and i got ourselves engaged on Tuesday.

this will answer a question posted by Brook a couple of days back. all other questions will be answered later along with photos of Toronto and musings on this and that.

to all who have emailed in the last few days - i'm working my way back through them and will be responding. in the meantime, thanks for all the love being sent our way.

off to wash



  1. what a wonderful photo! i'll say it again: i'm SO happy for you two!

    (pee ess, venture over to my blog for an announcement of mine own.)

    big x and here's to lots of water soon.

  2. I had to scream inside, otherwise I'd wake the babies! OH MY! I was catching up on your posts, but starting at the top of the page (Jan. 16th at the time.) As I looked through the photos, I kept thinking, "They look so perfectly matched. They look already married. It's just meant to be." And then...YES! Of course. SO SO SO happy for you both!!!

  3. thank you. :) yep. we feels that way too.
    right now we're both trying to adjust to distance and the mix of feelings that comes with being extremely happy and yet longing to be nearer. but, we have a week together in March and then Joel plans to spend the summer in Dublin and Germany. and we have skype. and we have each other. so we are aiming for constant thankfulness.

  4. Congratulations :) :) haven't been around for ages it seems... fantastic news :) x