Monday, August 17, 2009

as seen on bbc RSS news feed

Twitter tweets are 40% 'babble'

a recent study* also showed 21% of bbc news headlines on rss feed are not worthy of breaking news, while 37.9% tells us things we already know.


* a study i just made up in my head.


  1. which leaves 60%... of what? highbrow literary crtiques? level 5emotionally intelligent discussion?

    you have to wonder about their crtieria for judgement about what is 'meaningless'.'i'm eating a sandwich' might be a highly meaningful tweet from someone who hasn't eaten for a while. bill bailey is the only person on twitter i can think of who deliberately writes absurd statements and even they have a narrative of their own. are these 40% writing in wingdings or something? ;)

  2. correction: word used was 'pointless' not 'meaningless'. similar/same point though.

  3. good point about the sandwich. hehe. :)

  4. my next tweet will definitely be about sandwiches. i'd hate to be in the majority group ;)