Saturday, October 25, 2008

something's moving

so. my two weeks in Nashville rapidly approach their end.
this has been an amazing leg of the trip. words like nourishing and nurturing and challenging and affirming and inspiring come to mind.

so by way of invitation from David and amidst serious cheerleading from he and his angel-in-crime Sarah to get back to the page with seriousness and commitment, i found myself speaking at a lecture that was more like conversation in Vanderbilt Divinity School a couple of nights back. i'm gonna post the words i shared in the next post. one part essay one part poet riff on the theme of :: everything is broken ::
the dust is yet to settle and i find myself in a bit of resistance to an overwhelmingly gracious reception. not quite sure where in me to let the affirmations sit in the aftermath of "doing what it is i do while surrounded by those i would want to describe as seriously talented" ... it was a humbling experience and i enjoyed getting to chat with folks after. for those who are visiting these pages as a result - welcome, pull up a chair.

i'm gonna try and pull together a playlist of the songs that were performed to post here. a thought provoking night and what i hope will mark the start of an ongoing conversation within and beyond the divinity school...

in the meantime, i think i may have reffered to this track recently. i find myself coming back to it on the ipod so that it's fast working it's way up the "25 most played". *flawless* songwriting by my measure.

:: live the wish ::


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